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About Syntax Genie ERP


For Precise and Faster Business Management!

Syntax Genie ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System; a web-based software platform where businesses across multiple industries such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, etc. can manage their resources efficiently and effectively. The system provides an easy-to-use, seamless integration of all essential business functions including managing inventories, finances, customers, sales orders, and returns; everything in one place. This versatile solution offers a streamlined approach to organizations seeking growth objectives through improved operational efficiency.


Experience improved productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


Make informed decisions and drive growth with real-time insights.

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App screens

Main User Roles

Super Admin

A super admin of Syntax Genie ERP has complete control over the system and can manage user accounts, permissions, settings and all other functionalities.


An admin of Syntax Genie ERP only can manage specific areas of the system such as users, permissions, and data within assigned modules.


An accountant of Syntax Genie ERP can manage financial transactions, invoices, account receivables/payables, and generate financial reports.

Store Manager

A store manager of Syntax Genie ERP can manage inventory, sales processes, purchase/sale orders and generate related reports.

Why Choose Syntax Genie ERP?

Better Data & Cloud Security

Improved Productivity

Quick yet Reliable Access to Information

Updates & Maintenance

Main Features


Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing & payments are made simple for businesses with our customizable invoicing & payments feature as it has every related detail readily accessible at the fingertips.


Inventory Management

Our cloud-based, multi-store inventory management feature allows businesses to stay on top of their inventory needs and make informed decisions about their inventory levels.


Accounting & Finance

Our automated accounting & finance feature designed for small and medium-sized businesses helps managing financial transactions and data, and making informed financial decisions.


Sales Return Management

Businesses can ensure timely replacement of damaged goods or the crediting of returned items for an exemplary customer service through our comprehensive sales return management feature.


Customer Management

Businesses can utilize data visualization techniques to swiftly grasp key information regarding customers to ensure a seamless experience through our integrated customer management feature.

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Sales Order Management

From order creation to fulfillment, our streamlined sales order management feature improves accuracy, reduces manual errors, and enhances customer satisfaction of your business.

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